Computer Troubleshooting

At your wit’s end with your computer problems?
Need some local laptop or desktop assistance?
Windows machine or Mac laptop not performing at its best?

Computer troubleshooting is where Rent A Nerd and most IT assistance companies started. Although the majority of clients now require assistance configuring new software or integrating devices, computer troubleshooting is still a critical part of Rent A Nerd’s arsenal.

Troubleshooting is the process of identifying and fixing problems. Computer troubleshooting involves the investigation of both computer hardware and software based on symptoms provided by our clients. We are trained to follow the tried and tested troubleshooting process. We check for the most likely possible problems first, and then gradually check for more site-specific problems. This logical approach to problem solving provides the most efficient and effective outcome for our clients.

The most common computer problems that we troubleshoot?

1. Cannot seem to start your machine?
2. Screen appears black or flickers
3. Abnormally functioning operating systems or software
4. Windows or Mac OSX wont boot
5. Computer is slow
6. Computer viruses or malware
7. Lost files
8. No Back up
9. The list goes on…

We are proficient with all aspects of troubleshooting and we will endeavour to diagnose your issue as fast as possible to ensure your equipment is working at full capacity. Based on a quick phone conversation we will be able to ascertain if your issue is something simple or something that may need more time. We know your time is important and should the issue be something Rent A Nerd doesn’t specialise in we will be happy to recommend a more appropriate provider. We don’t believe in charging clients for services that may take us longer to provide than someone else.

We want to see you up and running as quickly as possible.
Rent a Nerd is very conscious about talking your language. We guarantee not to leave you confused or in doubt about your computer’s operating setup. Our team always strives to ensure that customer service remains our highest priority.

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