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The dreaded possibility of having a virus…

Although less common in 2020 due to the advances in Anti-Virus software, viruses still exist. The most appropriate way to deal with them?  Prevention.  That means good anti-virus software, prudent internet use and a cautious approach to emails from unfamiliar senders. 

However, although no person endeavours to get a cold, people still get sick. 

Firstly, the definitions

Malware is an umbrella term that describes lots of variations of malicious software including but not limited to adware, spyware, viruses, ransomware and other types of harmful software.  A computer virus is just one type of malware. 

The reason we put viruses and malware in the same category is most end users have heard both these terms before.  Although, technically a virus falls beneath the heading of malware, most people commonly think of computer viruses.

Viruses and malware don’t necessarily mean your computer stops working completely. A lot of viruses and malware make subtle changes to your computer to capture your data, send out emails on your behalf or ascertain financial information. 

Secondly, how to fight them:

Ensuring you have the right anti-virus, back-up system, email scanner and anti-malware software is critical in 2020.  If you think your computer may have been infected with a virus, don’t wait! Call Rent A Nerd asap for an over the phone diagnosis.  Should we believe your computer is displaying symptoms that are particular to  a virus, we will advise you of  the safest way forward to minimise the impact of the virus or malware and begin the process of removing the malicious software from your system.

The list of other types of malware facing the end user today is not small. Some of the main nasties are:

Ransomware: Public enemy number 1, a very dangerous piece of malware designed to lock up your device, all your data and demand payment for the unlock code.

Rootkit:  Nasty little malware that hides itself down in the computer and performs lots of illegal tasks like stealing user information

Spyware:  Small malware that spies on everything you do!  Captures keystrokes and eventually steals login credentials

Adware:  Puts ads all over your device with the intent to create advertising revenue

Worm:  Malware that self-replicates and moves from computer to computer

Scareware: A tricky little malware that gives the user a message that their computer is infected with malware and asks you to download some software to rectify the situation usually involving a payment process.

No matter which malicious software you have unfortunately encountered, Rent A Nerd can assist with removing them from your machine.  We will endeavour to remove the software whilst keeping your data intact.  In certain circumstances an entire system wipe, called a format, may be required, which will mean your data will be lost, thus we cannot stress enough the importance of having a good back up system and most importantly ensuring  it is working! 

We  are very conscious about talking your language, we guarantee not to leave you confused or in doubt about viruses and malware!  Our team always strives to ensure that customer service remains our highest priority.

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