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Want a new email account that works all over the world?
Configure new or multiple email accounts?
Moving all your email data across to a new computer?

Email – arguably the most widely used communication method on the planet.

Some disparity exists around who created email. It started bouncing around the internet in the mid-70s although mainstream use did not start until the mid-90s.
Email platforms come in a number of forms:
You could have an internet service provider (ISP) email address like or
You could have a web-based account at Gmail or, or
You could have a work email account that you receive from your company.

Email systems are not limited to the list above however for end user purposes they are the most straight forward and Rent A Nerd specialises in setting up email systems that are the most functional for the end user.

We like email systems to be as straight forward as possible. Some ISP email accounts still do not synchronise between devices, ‘synchronization’ just meaning that if you read or delete an email on your smartphone it is marked as read or deleted on your computer. Email should be something that some care is taken to setup. We do just that, and once it is setup it works exactly the way it is designed, and the end user has no trouble understanding it.
Several platforms are available for reading your emails. Most people have heard of the major companies such as Outlook. What most people don’t realise is that many different platforms are available for most of the devices on the market, both mobile and desktop alike. You can now have Outlook on your Apple or Android device. Cross platform compatibility is becoming more common.
Some of the leading email platforms on the market are:
1. Outlook
2. Apple Mail
3. Mozilla Thunderbird
4. Inbox by Gmail
5. eM Client
6. Mailbird
The list goes on…
The most important thing to remember is that all these mail platforms boast different interfaces and functionality. Some are more popular than others, thus users are more accustomed to their appearance and find them easier to use.

In some cases, email use does not require an email client, web-based services such as Gmail or provide a cloud-based mail client you can access through a webpage. These accounts can also synchronise with your smartphone.

Email has moved past just writing documents to people around the world. We now use our email applications to synchronise our contacts, calendars, notes and tasks.
Whatever your email requirements are, Rent A Nerd can meet them. We will configure the most suitable email platform for you and most importantly ensure it is working!

We are very conscious about talking your language, we guarantee not to leave you confused or in doubt about the cloud! Our team always strives to ensure that customer service remains our highest priority.

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