Moving into The Cloud

What is the cloud and where does my data go? 

Want your documents on your desktop, laptop and table to all synchronise?

At Rent A Nerd we encounter cloud migration almost every day.   For the basic home user, the questions often start with “what is the cloud?”

Well it has nothing to do with those fluffy white things in the sky! 

The “cloud” is a network of managed servers located at a remote location accessible via the internet.  In 2020 the cloud has touched most people’s lives whether they think it has or not:

Do you have a Netflix subscription?

…these movies are stored in the cloud, you watch them remotely via your smartphone, television, computer or tablet. 

Do you save your photos in Apple’s iCloud library? 

These photos upload to the cloud once taken and then are available to be viewed remotely on other devices.

The advantage of utilising the cloud?  You can access your data from anywhere at any time if you have an internet connection.  The internet connection part is particularly critical.  A poor internet connection will significantly impact your cloud experience.  With the rollout of the NBN and now the wireless 5G network, poor internet connections are becoming less common.  Most Australians living in a metropolitan area have access to relatively robust internet connections. 

Although the cloud can come in very different forms the two main categories are cloud services and cloud storage.  The simplest versions of cloud services are streaming entities such as Netflix or Stan.  Some examples of cloud storage include Google Drive, Dropbox and One Drive. 

Most cloud services are subscription based. The user pays a monthly or annual fee to gain access.  Cloud storage can be free, but generally you only receive only a small amount of storage space with a free subscription.  Paid subscriptions for cloud storage provide additional storage space and generally more functionality when it comes to security.  With both cloud services and cloud storage access is straight forward, you sign up for an account, pay for the service or storage and you are away!

“I have my cloud storage account, now what?” 

Now comes the slightly more complicated part, migrating your data into the cloud or setting up local versions of these services to ensure the smoothest operation possible.  At Rent A Nerd migrating customers to the cloud is something we do all the time.  We will have all your data, whether it be photos, documents, spreadsheets, music, videos… the list goes on, backed up and into the cloud and safely stored in no time.  Perhaps you have bought a cloud service such as Microsoft 365? We will have your local applications installed on all the machines in your home, your data synchronised and you ready to rock n roll!

Whatever your cloud service or storage requirements are, Rent A Nerd can meet them. We will configure the most suitable system for you and most importantly ensure it is working! 

Rent A Nerd  very conscious about talking your language, we guarantee not to leave you confused or in doubt about the cloud!  Our team always strives to ensure that customer service remains our highest priority.

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