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Working from home? Moving to the NBN?
Want faster Wi-Fi?
Looking for home network storage?

We are very familiar with home networking setup. Whether the network be something simple with one machine and a printer, or something more substantial with multiple machines and devices. We can assist with hard wired networks or Wi-Fi networks. Our Nerds are familiar with the latest technology available to simplify your home network and get things up and running as quickly as possible.

With homes containing more and more devices everyday smartphones laptops, smart TVs etc – a stable and efficient home network is a must. Perhaps Dad likes to watch Netflix at night whilst the kids are online gaming and Mum is skyping family overseas. Scenarios such as this are very common in today’s technology age. Home networks are just as integral to our day -to- day life as picking up the milk.

Wi-Fi vs hardwired networks

Depending on how your house is constructed a Wi-Fi network can be an excellent solution for expanding your home network.
Perhaps you have a double brick house over multiple levels? If so, the Wi-Fi signal may be very poor.
Rent A Nerd can facilitate a cost-effective solution: professional network cable installation that integrates with Wi-Fi and removes the need for excessive cabling.

Moving to the NBN

That scary notion plaguing many Australians:

Is it safe to move to the NBN?

The NBN has come a long way since its rollout commencement in 2009. Most consumers we speak with now are happy with their NBN connection. Occasionally we will meet new clients who have not had the best experience, often due to a false expectation as to what the NBN would provide. Plans vary from provider to provider; speed packages are available with almost every plan. Your NBN connection may be very fast but many factors call still influence how your home internet and ultimately your network will behave:

Routers (the brain of your network) can vary greatly.
Perhaps you are using the standard router that came from your internet service provider (ISP).
Perhaps you have old cabling running from your NBN modem to your router.

We are equipped to answer these questions and many more.

Ensuring your network is secure

Most homes now have a standard Wi-Fi setup that dates from the period when the internet was installed.
Things have changed! Is it really secure now?
We can provide a very quick health check on your network even if we are onsite for a different issue. We can ensure you are operating with the most secure encryption possible and that your router and network devices are not at risk of external access from anyone.
Home network issues we encounter
1. Internet speed issues
2. Router and network hardware issues
3. Poor Wi-Fi speeds
4. Poor Wi-Fi coverage
5. Unsecure Wi-Fi networks
6. Printing issues
7. File sharing issues

If you have a network already up and running or you would like to create something from scratch, We can provide the simplest and clearest advice based on your requirements. If you are unsure what kind of assistance you may need, don’t worry, give us a call for a friendly chat.
We are very conscious about talking your language.
We guarantee not to leave you confused or in doubt about your home network setup.
We always strive to ensure that customer service remains our highest priority.

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