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No problem, Rent A Nerd specialises in setting up working remotely / working from home.

Rent A Nerd specialises in setting up home offices for clients running small businesses and working remotely from home or on the road.  We will take the time to discuss what sort of outcome you need from your home office or what requirements you may have to ensure the solution suits all of your remote work needs



 The first question is quite often about data and data management.

 So, what is data? 

 It could be anything from a word document to videos, presentations, graphic designs or even composed music.  Where are your files going to be?  Are they going to be in the cloud?  Perhaps your company is operating within Google’s G Suite or Microsoft’s Office 365 platform.  These are questions we run into daily, with simple enough answers to ensure you feel comfortable that your business data is backed up or that you will be set up to work whenever needed.

 The second question often relates to mobile devices.

 Clients who leave the house for work may often need to take the office with them.  Whether it be any form of tablet or laptop, Rent A Nerd can assist.  These devices need to connect seamlessly to your home network and then be ready to work remotely the moment you step out of the house.  Gone are the days of not having access to your data because you left the USB stick in the desktop at home.  Your data will be available in the cloud the moment that you go online.

 Thirdly, what about comfort and aesthetics?  

Generally, people want to be comfortable whilst working.  Perhaps you need a new desktop? Maybe you would be better suited with a new screen? 

Unlike other IT assistance businesses Rent A Nerd is not affiliated with any hardware manufactures and we do not supply any hardware directly.  We are completely impartial.

 We always recommend the most appropriate product for you depending on what is on the market at the time.  Rather than endeavour to implement the product that we make the most margin on, we assist with implementing the product that will suit you in the long run, the product that makes the most sense.  We will assist with the research and purchasing process to ensure you receive the best customer service possible. 


We are very conscious about talking your language, we guarantee not to leave you confused or in doubt about your home office setup.  Our team always strives to ensure that customer service remains our highest priority.

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